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Innes Rd window removal
We removed a four-metre-long window from the upstairs room of this house and tided up the exterior
Hilltop conservatory
Hill jobs can always be a challenge, and that was the case here, as we needed to bore holes down two-and-a-half metres through to solid clay before setting piles for the subfloor
Hilltop double garage.
After removing the old single garage, this new double garage was dug into the hill against the house. With the completion of the splatter plaster coat, the garage then matched the house so perfectly that it looked as if it had always been there
Kennedy's bush extension
We undertook a nice little refurbishment of an outdated extension. Increased the size by 3sqm and lightened up the room by installing French doors and a nice big window.
Patio Replacement.
A nice eco friendly pine deck built as a replacement to a concrete patio.